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Application Procedure

Appliction Procedure for Abroad Education

The next step after student registration is

  •   Short listing the universities based on the student profile.
  •   1 week time will be given to student to gather the documents and to finalize the universities short listed to him. The complete choice will be given to the student to finalize the best universities among those CIAV had offered to you. If a student have his own universities then CIAV will apply for those universities first.
  •   We will help our student in providing tips to how to write their Resumes, Statement of Purpose and how to create their portfolios.
  •   We will give the sample letter of recommendation templates to the students so that students will get the basic idea to get their final recommendation letters.
  •   We ask all our students to get the scanned copies of all the documents.
  •   Next step is applying for the universities online as well as paper applications. Students has to gather their application fee and need to pay it and should get an acknowledgement.
  •   After the application is ready it will sent through courier to the universities and the respective tracking number is emailed to the student.
  •   Follow-up with the universities about your admission status, from time to time.
  •   Up to date updates will be given to the students from day one until he get the admission.