The United Kingdom has been the most preferred student destination since the early 18th century. With the flourishing record of the well-constructed educational system, the country has become a one stop station for various kinds of fields. But, if you’re you still swinging around the question, ‘why I should study in UK?’, I’m sure by the end of this blog you’ll have a clear picture alongside the perks of studying in UK.

The United Kingdom has always been inclined towards providing quality educational opportunities to all parts of the world. The educational system boosts the potential of the student and enables him/her to gain knowledge to a great extent. The Universities of UK offer plenty of vocation-oriented academic programs that have wider scope, help students have abundance of options. They also provide short-duration programs that save you a lot of time, tuition fee and other expenses. But the full-time courses last for 3-4 years or more depending on the course. Usually, these courses are expensive. Managing the tuition and living expenses can be a strenuous task if you don’t apply for appropriate scholarship schemes. There are abundant scholarship facilities available to study in the UK’s prestigious Universities.
As an Indian, the second you’ve decided about studying in the UK the question that came into your mind was ‘the education is very pricy in UK, will I be able to fund my education? Don’t worry, the government of UK has always been supportive and welcoming towards its international students. However, each penny spent on your education can be your investment to something big in your career!

Did you know?

Excluding the EU students, a whopping 460,000 international students have registered in the top universities of the UK as per the 2018 reports.
As an international student, the main aim of studying abroad is to gain global exposure and to achieve great heights as an individual and in career on top. Let’s quickly dive into the latest Visa policy of the UK.

2 years extended post-study work visa

The 2 years extended work visa was reintroduced by the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson recently after being abolished in April, 2012 for the reason that they were being ”too generous” towards international students. The government wanted to provide employment opportunities for its own good while equally benefiting the students in providing global exposure to the world market.
The policy is directed towards the international students who have graduated from the universities of UK to work, to look for work opportunities in any career and position for 2 years.
”The motto behind the new plan is to make the country economically and culturally strong while encouraging the talents of young minds” says Gavin Williamson, the education secretary

Scenario before and after the introduction of the extended visa policy in the UK:


On a factual note, ”the country never runs out of employment opportunities”. There are plenty of job opportunities available to everyone in all professional fields.
Once you complete your academic program and are ready to seek employment in the best companies of your field, you must have a mandatory work visa before you apply any job.
As of now, there is a restricted post-study visa scheme that permits students to work for 6 months only. If you wish to stay longer you need to apply for a Tier 2 and Tier 2 sponsor scheme.
The new 2 years work visa comes additional along with the student-visa. That means, you can directly dive into you new job if you wish you work. The students are allowed an extended 2 years, irrespective of whether he/she is unemployed or employed. On the completion of 2 years, he/she may renew or migrate from the country. From 2020, the international students will be eligible for the Tier 4 visa that are quite beneficial than the previous Tier 2 visa.



  •  Applicable to the international students with a bachelor/ undergraduate degree, masters, PhD or MPhil from Brtitish Universities
  •  Firmly, the new Visa policy is applicable by the students graduated from British Universities specifically from the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) courses. Since the courses from this stream are very expensive and have a wider scope than that of other streams, the policy is appropriate to the STEM graduates precisely
  •  Will begin from the academic year 2020-21
  •  There is no limit in the number of students who can apply
  •  No restrictions on the type of jobs


The policy however became the biggest asset to the country in attracting international students especially Indians. Undoubtedly, the percentage of international students in the UK can be raised significantly in the next three years. To your benefit, the work visa can be extended longer than 2 years as well.

So what have you decided?



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