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Foreign educational consultant in Ameerpet

Every student who is planning to study abroad will need to know lots of things about the options available in the selected country. CIAV team got experienced Process Managers who got more than 8 years experience in Overseas Education sector. CIAV team who delivers the complete information to a student. The counselling session will deliver the following information to the student.

• Profile evaluation will be done and if the student is qualifies then complete information will be given.
•Information about the Country selected.
•Explaining whether the country is safe or not.
•Explanation Regarding Universities
•Regarding Intakes and Deadlines to Apply
•Academic Requirements of the Universities
•Explanation regarding the tests requirements like (IELTS/TOEFL, GRE and GMAT)
•Detailed Information regarding the chances of getting admissions.
•Updating the Application fee and Universities Fee structures
•Explanation regarding chances of getting Scholarships, Assistantships and Internships
•Explanation about the visa procedures
•Explaining about the recognition of the degree and its benefits
•Explanation regarding Part time opportunities along with studies
•Explanation about the Post Study Work Permits after the studies
•Explanation about the Job Opportunities and settlement options after the studies
•Giving contacts of the old students of CIAV and showing their video testimonials as well.
•Detailed check list of documents will be provided to gather the documents to apply.

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