Before you have made up your mind to study in UK, please understand it is not difficult to decide where to study but obviously the main question is how to study. Read ahead and clear your doubts and fly ahead with only clarity.

1. Selection of Course and University:

Luckily, there are many opportunities available currently as UK consists of more than 200 higher education providers that are recognized and also the variety of available courses is larger than that.
Few of the top UK universities are leading the globe in teaching and research. These courses will be continuously modified and made unique in order to compete with the global scientific improvements.
As said, the large variety is just an assurance that irrespective of your interests or academic preferences, there will certainly be something that suits you. But obviously it would be difficult to choose the best deal if your mind is not made up for what exactly you want and where.

2. Short List the University:

So, now make sure you have a list of colleges and universities that are approved, recognized and provide the course you would want to pursue. Later which you can continue short listing based on various factors like fee structure, due date for application, facilities etc.

3. Being Eligible to Apply:

Now it is important to see if you are eligible for to apply for that particular university and it can be decided only once you thoroughly go through the website of that particular university and making sure all the required documents and certificates will be issued to you.

4. Time Management:

It is not enough if you are eligible and have all the required documents but it is necessary that you get all the documents on time and if possible prior to the application date.
Do not keep any documents till the last date as minute delay may lead to rejection of your visa. It is very important to calculate and act accordingly as per the time schedule.

5. Ready for Application:

Now as all the documents are ready, kindly cross check the same and apply through the valid procedure for that particular university. Now a day’s all the universities accept online application, all you have to do is create an account and login using those credentials and follow the steps as mentioned. Repeating again, do not forget to cross check before submitting.

6. Wait: Time to test your patience:

Once you have submitted the application, the only thing you can do is wait till the application is processed and they get back to you with the result.
Usually the wait time depends on the number of applications they received; however you can still track the status of the application using the online tracking with your login account if the university has an option though.

7. Financial Aids:

Once your application is submitted and while you are waiting for the approval is the right time for you to adjust and arrange the financial requirements for your stay in UK. The total sum of the amount required in your bank account depends on your personal circumstances.
Is it usually calculated based on various factors like the location of the university or the time period of the course. As an example, if your university is located in London you must have around £1,200 every month at the minimum.

8. Student Visa:

Once your application is accepted successfully, you will be receiving the admission letter from the university. If you are a non-EU student, you will be given a unique reference number usually called CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies). Using this you should apply to the British Embassy asking for Visa approval and do not forget to attach the admission letter from the university while applying for Visa.

9. Accommodation check:

Once you received Visa from the British Embassy, it is necessary for you to check for proper accommodation. It would be no necessary if the university or college provides you the accommodation, then you can simply pay for it and get confirmation for the same.
But if the university does not have this option, it is important for you to check for a proper accommodation based on the location of your university. Do not forget to get the confirmation number or any document for the same before leaving.

10. All set Go!

Book the tickets and have a save flight.


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